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Commercial EPC Survey

A commercial or non-domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a certificate which details the energy efficiency of a property. It’s not dissimilar to the sticker on a new domestic appliance or even a new car. Properties exempt from requiring a domestic EPC will generally require a non-dwelling energy performance certificate. The obligation for which comes from the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

The person responsible for obtaining the EPC certificate when it is legally required will be the seller, landlord or agent. They should make a commercial EPC available for the building that is being sold or leased. When a lease takes place, its considered a sale to have taken place and the assign should provide the EPC. For new builds, the responsibility falls to the person carrying out the construction to provide the EPC. Building Control are not able not issue a certificate until they are satisfied this has been done.

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Why You Need A Commercial EPC

Commercial EPCs are prepared based on the level required (three to five) determined by the type of building. Level three is defined as a small building with heating systems less than 100kW and cooling systems less than 12kW. Whereas, Level four is a purpose built building with heating systems larger than 100kW and cooling systems larger than 12kW. Level five buildings will have similar heating/cooling systems as a level four building but a more complex design and shape.

All commercial buildings including factories, offices, retail premises and public sector buildings must have an EPC certificate whenever they are built, sold or rented. Public buildings in England and Wales (but not Scotland) also require a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) showing actual energy use, and not just the theoretical energy rating. If a building has parts designed or altered to be used with separate heating systems, then an EPC for each individual part plus an EPC for any communal areas may be required. The DEC is accompanied by an Advisory Report that lists cost-effective measures to improve the building’s energy rating, and should always be clearly displayed to the public.

Commercial EPC