Domestic EPC

A domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a certificate which details the energy efficiency rating of a domestic property. It’s not dissimilar to the energy rating that you may have seen on a new domestic appliance or a car. The certificate will show the areas which are lacking energy efficiency within the property.

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Why do I need an EPC?

EPCs for domestic dwellings originated around the time when Home Information Packs (HIPs) were obligatory for sellers. HIPs have since been abolished, however the requirement for an EPC remains when a property is built, sold or let. Domestic EPCs need to be available to potential buyers or tenants as soon as you start to market your property. This means it is something that needs to be prepared in advance.

Our EPCs include all relevant legal information about the certificate and the property as well as the asset rating, technical information in brief, and any benchmarks. We can also determine your EPC requirement according to current legislation. If your property has been split or designed to be used as separate dwellings, multiple EPCs could be required to comply with legal obligations.

Setting aside the legal requirement, as already mentioned, your EPC also consists of recommendations to improve the building’s energy efficiency. Carrying out these recommendations can push up your property’s value and, based on the improvements, you may wish to get a fresh Domestic EPC produced. This will then reflect and make your property even more marketable. If you are a landlord, this can reassure prospective tenants that the energy rating has been accurately assessed. This may help to attract tenants who are likely to remain long-term.

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Domestic EPC